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Compelling DevOps Presentation (re:invent)

If you’re not yet convinced that DevOps changes lives, this is the video to watch. Presented by the researchers behind the latest State of DevOps report. Very good practical advice about the roles of cultural/leadership changes alongside changes in technique/practice.

Research found which strategies meaningfully correlated with high IT performers, and demonstrates that high IT performance is likewise strongly correlated with higher performance on overall enterprise goals. Lots of good examples and dissection in all three areas.

One interesting claim was that they found no tradeoffs in enterprises that implemented lots of tools/processes oriented towards quality of software/deployment. Enterprises did NOT experience more failures as a result of deploying more changes. High performers had less time to release changes, higher release frequency, lower time to restore service, and lower change fail rate.

Lots of interesting points about organizational culture: pathological vs. bureaucratic vs. generative (see PDF they referenced)