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Join or consult with a technical team as a systems architect, developer or devops engineer. Make excellent contributions by employing modern development practices, or help a struggling project that wants to accelerate toward higher quality software. Facilitate the improvement of processes, both digital and human. Engage the big picture and participate in shaping strategy. Work at an enterprise that values people and community.

Skills Summary

  • Cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Terraform)
  • Containers (Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Google GKE, AWS ECS, Hyper.sh)
  • Patterns (Microservices, Event-driven, API-first, Domain-Driven Design, SOLID)
  • PHP (Laravel, Drupal, Zend Framework 1)
  • JS (React, GraphQL, Node.js, botkit, jQuery)
  • Python (Scrapy)
  • Web servers (Apache, nginx, express, Let’s Encrypt)
  • Data (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Grafana, InfluxDB, Fluentd, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, CouchDB, Couchbase, Memcache)
  • DevOps (Git, Slack, HipChat, MS Teams, Jenkins, SnapCI, Buildbot, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Inspec, PHPUnit, XDebug, XHProf, jMeter, Jira, Trello, PivotalTracker, Grafana)



DevOps Engineer Feb 2017 – present

Creating tools and improved processes for an international development team and crafting a secure and compliant cloud platform. My team is developing mobile applications for improvement healthcare outcomes, backed by resources in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

  • DevOps: Implemented monitoring/alerts, continuous integration (Jenkins), automated delivery (AWS CodeDeploy) and infrastructure-as-code (Terraform). Helped developers overcome barriers.

  • Security and Compliance Ops: Produced a cloud platform that meets high compliance and security standards, including HIPAA and HITRUST. Implemented many security controls and audit requirements utilizing cloud-native tools and compliance-as-code.


Primary Developer, Product Owner 2015 – present

Designing an application architecture and infrastructure from scratch, toward the goal of providing culture-lovers with fast and delightful live event listings and recommendations. This project is my passion and one way of giving back to my community.

  • Product ownership: 100s of user interviews, user stories, competitor research, UX design facilitation

  • Developer: Mobile-responsive design, Domain-Driven Design, API-first architecture, PHP (Laravel/Lumen), Python (Scrapy), and Javascript (React). Developed the bulk of API, web-scraper logic, and frontend web application.

  • Devops engineer: Containers (Kubernetes, Helm, GKE, Docker Hub), SQL and No-SQL (CouchDB), Monitoring (InfluxDB, Grafana), nginx, php-fpm, Source code control (github), Project management (github, waffle.io), Local development (Docker, Xdebug, Postman)

Origin Eight

Senior Developer 2015 – 2017

Delivering a wide range of solutions to clients, from rescuing old codebases that lack any sort of documentation (& common sense) to creating new functionality from wireframes. Origin Eight is a Drupal/PHP shop. Working remotely. Interaction with clients. (Staff profile)

  • Developer: Full-stack web development in PHP/HTML/CSS/JS (Drupal, jQuery).

Headwaters Software

Senior Developer/SysAdmin 2012 – 2015

Developed software features to improve core products (www.fisdap.net), both back-end logic and front-end interfaces. Performed duties as primary systems administrator during most of the period. Demonstrated leadership within our flat organization model to engage coworkers in decisionmaking, planning and evaluation. Led projects to improve technology and related processes, including a hosting infrastructure overhaul, designing a devops engineer position, technology proof-of-concepts, and better use of source code control. (Staff profile)

  • Developer: Senior-level experience with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML and implementation of third party APIs. SOLID principles.

  • Devops engineer: Dozens of servers in both public and private cloud environments (Rackspace, SoftLayer), Xen VM management, large MySQL databases, Configuration management (Puppet), Agile/Scrum, Jira, NewRelic, BitBucket.

  • People wrangler: Wrote job descriptions, reviewed applications and conducted interviews (phone/in-person). Facilitated scrum review and planning sessions. Contributed to company policies.

Supermega Design, LLC

Co-owner, lead developer 2001 – 2011

Built and managed a successful boutique web development company. Specialized in the Drupal CMS, delivering numerous custom interfaces, modules and integration of third party data and services for small- and medium-sized clients, both for-profit, non-profit, and political.

  • Web developer: Drupal module creation, custom AJAX interfaces, design and implementation of visual layouts.

  • Devops engineer: Built and operated a handful of dedicated-virtual LAMP servers on services like Linode.com and Mediatemple. Monitored and troubleshooted performance and security issues.

  • Account manager: Directly recruited and maintained client relationships. Responded to RFPs, wrote contracts, collected payments and held hands.

  • Visual designer: Served from 2001-2006 as a primary visual designer.

(Note: we re-named the company in 2008 from IDC WebDev, LLC).


Macalester College 2001 – 2005

Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with minor in Media Studies.


Available upon request.